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Aug 26.14

Clark Wilson helped YVR subsidiary close $39.5M deal


Education and Employment History

Roy Nieuwenburg attended the University of Manitoba law school, graduating in 1980, and began articles with Clark Wilson LLP in July, 1980. He became a Partner in 1987. He has been with Clark Wilson LLP for his entire career – now approaching 35 years.

Professional Contributions and Service

Banking Law Subsection

Mr. Nieuwenburg was the founding Chair of the Banking Law Subsection of the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch.

CBA Practice Advisory Panel

For the last 27 years, Mr. Nieuwenburg has volunteered on panels of the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch, Practice Advisory Program, fielding frequent inquiries and providing guidance to newly called lawyers and others seeking direction from an experienced practitioner.

Seminars and Publications

Mr. Nieuwenburg is a prolific speaker and writer. He has published more than 40 bulletins, articles and commentaries on practice topics and issues and has in addition led more than 40 sessions and seminars for groups including The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC, the BC Institute (Purchasing Management Association of Canada), Pacific Business & Law Institute, Lorman Education, NECI (National Education Consulting), the Legal Services Branch of the British Columbia Ministry of Justice, the Canadian Association of University Solicitors, and UBC and UBC Properties Trust (including a sector wide Interactive Workshop in 2003, spearheaded by him with UBC’s chief legal officer, for universities and colleges on “Standard Construction Documents” aimed at streamlining and sharing resources in the sector).

Practice Leadership

Mr. Nieuwenburg has for many years served as Chair or Co-Chair of the Infrastructure, Construction & Procurement Group at Clark Wilson LLP and the Higher Learning Group at Clark Wilson LLP.

Centre for Excellence

As part of his career-long drive to advance proficiency in practice, Mr. Nieuwenburg established a “Centre for Excellence” at Clark Wilson LLP which serves as a base for resources, information and training.


Mr. Nieuwenburg has a broad commercial practice. He has a wealth of experience spanning many complementary areas. He is leading counsel in Canada in the field of construction and procurement. His clients range from large public institutions and companies to privately owned businesses. Mr. Nieuwenburg has done extensive work in a variety of fields for the University of British Columbia and other universities and colleges, and for the Vancouver Airport Authority.

For the last 20 years, he has done the leasing and real estate work for branches and office space for HSBC Bank Canada in Western Canada. As detailed below, he has worked on many public private partnerships (P3s), for municipalities and for highway projects, acting both for government and private entities. Mr. Nieuwenburg is a leader in the field of leasing – he has been involved in more than 500 lease transactions in his career. He is a leading practitioner for liquor licensing in BC. He has been a “go to” authority for Property Transfer Tax since its introduction in 1987.

Representative Work

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