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Are renewables diminishing the appeal of LNG?

A new report suggests that increased investment in Asia and Europe’s renewable energy markets could reduce investments in LNG projects. While it is inevitable that renewable energy will eventually replace fossil fuels, we’re not there yet, explains David Austin in Business in Vancouver. Read the full article to learn more.

Preparing for BC's new Water Sustainability Act

Aaron Singer prepared a presentation for the BC Fruit Growers Association on compliance with BC’s new Water Sustainability Act. The act regulates ground and surface water in addition to dams and wells. Check out the presentation to learn more.

Preparing a digital estate

Accessing the digital assets of a deceased love one is more difficult than people might expect, explains Richard Weiland in CBC’s radio program On the Coast. Digital assets include songs, photos, social media accounts, loyalty points, etc. Rights are governed by terms and conditions, which vary considerably from one user agreement to another. To learn more about preparing a digital estate, listen in here (starting at 2:07:00).

Federal climate-change decision could create hurdle for BC LNG

The federal government has said that provinces are responsible for controlling greenhouse gas emissions within their borders, explains David Austin in the Globe and Mail. David makes these comments in advance of a federal decision on climate-change measures, which could create a new hurdle for the BC LNG industry. Learn more.

CW attends 2016 For Children We Care Gala

Larry Yen and Lauren Liang attended the 21st annual For Children We Care Gala on Saturday night at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. This gala event is organized by BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Chinese-Canadian community. It is well attended by the Chinese business community, and brings together business and community leaders, all in support of BC’s children. Larry Yen is a silver sponsor of the event, and Lauren Liang is a board member of the Chinese-Canadian Planned Gift Committee of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

How to buy or sell a business

On January 28, 2016, Don Sihota is hosting a seminar on how to buy or sell a business. The seminar will help attendees learn to determine a business’s value and negotiate effective deals. Learn more.

Ten tactical tips to avoid tripping up in chambers: Musings of retired judge, Marion Allan

The Honourable Marion Allan is featured in the Advocate discussing ways to succeed in chamber proceedings. It is a clever and practical piece that outlines ten tips, including using affidavits effectively, dealing with objections effectively and remembering that judges are human too. Check out the full article.

Pat Williams and Veronica Franco talk contingency funds and depreciation reports

Pat Williams and Veronica Franco are featured in today’s front page article of the Vancouver Sun talking about contingency funds and depreciation reports for strata lots. “There is no specific place to look up whether fees for a strata are sufficient,” says Veronica, and “depreciation reports have reconfirmed or acknowledged what bad shape some contingency fund reserves are in,” explains Pat. Read the full article.

Clark Wilson recognized by the Vancouver Foundation for long-standing relationship

We are honoured to be recognized by Kevin McCort, Vancouver Foundation President, for the long-standing relationship we share. We look forward to many years working together in pursuit of building better communities. Read the full article to learn more.

Welcome Reid Brooks

Clark Wilson welcomes Reid Brooks as an associate with our Insurance and Infrastructure, Construction & Procurement Groups. Reid will be assisting the firm’s insurance and construction clients in a wide variety of matters. We are pleased to have him join our team.