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January 28, 2011

CPP Rule Changes In Force January 1, 2011

On January 1st, 2011 a number of changes to the Canada Pension Plan came into force. These changes, once fully implemented, will significantly affect the penalty for taking a pension early (between age 60 and 65) and the benefit for taking a pension late (after age 60 up to age 70). In addition there are new rules for employees who may wish to collect a CPP pension and continue working.

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Clumsy Remarks Equals Discrimination in Recent Human Rights Decisions

Most businesses know the basics when it comes to human rights and do not usually intentionally discriminate against employees or job applicants. Intention, however, is not required for an employer to be found guilty of discriminatory practises. A couple of decisions from last year highlight the difficulties employers can get into over an ill judged remark.

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Social Networking Policy - Do you have one?

The majority of employees, young and old, are accessing social networking sites on a daily basis. We are often asked to speak about or advise employers on how their policies should be updated to deal with some of the negative consequences of employee access to social media – including breaches of privacy, disclosure of confidential information, bullying, and damage to business reputation or brand. Updating company policies to deal with social networking sites ensures that appropriate rules (and awareness) are in place. By doing this, employers will be better able to manage the legal liability and business risks, employees will be clear about their responsibilities to the company and their co-workers, and both employers and employees will be able to enjoy the communication and marketing benefits associated with employee use of a social networking sites. The following is a summary of some of the key components of a social networking policy.

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