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April 22, 2009

Is Your General Contractor Covered? BC Court of Appeal Says No Insurance Protection for Project Structure Damage

By Glen Boswall

According to a recent decision from the BC Court of Appeal, construction general contractors in this Province have considerably less liability insurance coverage for project damage than they do in Ontario and Saskatchewan.

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The Proposed Architectural Professions Act

By Satinder Sidhu

The BC government, along with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia ("AIBC") and other organizations, have developed the proposed Architectural Professions Act to replace the Architects Act [RSBC 1996 Chapter 17]. Generally, the current Architects Act governs the architectural profession in BC and the legal responsibilities for those who practice architecture, including qualifications, professional conduct standards, liability and certificates of practice. It also establishes the authority and mandate of the AIBC.

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Builders Liens and Security for Costs

By Amy Mortimore

A recent decision of the BC Supreme Court has provided some good news for owners who wish to post security to have a claim of builders lien removed from title.

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