Matthew Stumpf

Articled Student

“My summer at Clark Wilson has been immersive and hands-on, giving me the opportunity to assist with everything from acquisition deals and corporate restructurings to a host of real estate transactions, as well as draft contracts and research interesting facets of strata, securities, IT and agency law. But beyond just getting knee-deep in a file, what I really took away from the summer was my relationships with the other lawyers at the firm. I always felt comfortable stopping by anyone’s office to ask for work, and each time the lawyer made every effort to give me valuable background on the file and involve me to the greatest extent possible (including attending client meetings and the closing of an acquisition). Regardless of whether they were an associate, a paralegal or a partner, everyone at the firm was happy to take the time to answer any questions I had about a file or give me advice on how to proceed with it.”

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