Nick Carlson


“Summering at Clark Wilson has been eye opening. When you’re at law school, cases and readings are hard to think about outside the realm of theory. The people and issues seem disembodied, existing only on paper. You’re not sure how they’re all going to apply in practice. But when I got here in May, I hit the ground running. Within my first few weeks, if not my first few days, I worked on solving problems related to evidence, procedure, corporate litigation, employment, wills and estate, and more. The questions I was asked to answer were the problems real people needed solving, and helping them out with the skills I’ve been developing at school and at work showed me how we’re going to have a real-world impact, and how meaningful that is. The advantage of Clark Wilson is this firm doesn’t treat you like a kid. They facilitate learning and access to interesting work. The culture is collegial and driven. The lawyers will take the time to catch you up on a file and the facts behind a case, bringing you onto the team. Definitely the best summer job I’ve had so far.”

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