We are a multifaceted firm with a strong track record of being highly integrated into our clients’ businesses. Known for our industry insight, entrepreneurial culture and strategic networks, we actively seek to connect our clients with the people, resources and solutions they need to succeed.

We are proud of our long history serving clients in core sectors of the business community, including in the constantly evolving technology industry, the rapidly expanding real estate sector as well as in energy and natural resources, consumer goods and services, infrastructure and construction, finance and venture capital and economic development on First Nations lands.

Tangible evidence of the work achieved by our clients and the legal support we provide is all around us—Vancouver’s skyline, transit line and airport as well as many of the companies and brands that we encounter every day. We are proud to be involved with the developments, industries and infrastructure that define our city, our province and our market.

As active and engaged members of the corporate community—our lawyers are members of business and community boards, directors of industry associations and sought-after speakers on trending topics—we are recognized as leaders in the market with strong relationships to business.

Vancouver-Based, Globally Connected

Our lawyers help Canadian companies grow their business internationally, protecting their domestic interests and ensuring that, when it is needed, they are connected with the best resources in other jurisdictions. Similarly, we regularly are called on by international companies and their foreign legal representation to assist them in successfully expanding their businesses into British Columbia and Canada. Our strong profile has earned us consistent recognition as one of Western Canada’s leading law firms.


Our clients count on us to achieve results and provide value quickly and efficiently. We have created in-house technologies and innovations that streamline processes, facilitate collaboration and communication, and support our clients in managing their business and legal projects. At times, delivering value lends itself to different forms of alternative fee arrangements and other innovative options. We welcome the opportunity to speak with clients about their needs and how we can best work together to support them in achieving their goals.

Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is rooted in our core values: Caring, Quality, Teamwork and Trust. We know from experience the power of listening to many voices and perspectives as we work to strengthen our diverse team and serve our clients.

We are committed to providing a safe and collegial working environment in which each individual is treated with respect and dignity and where discriminatory practices are prohibited. We know that a commitment to diversity and inclusion requires us to recognize and address the blindspots we all carry. We take this work seriously. Our initiatives include:

•     diversity education through our CW Connect program

•     mental health awareness through our active membership in the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Not Myself Today initiative,

•     working with our Indigenous lawyers to develop Indigenous intercultural competence and answering the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls To Action,

•     career support for new parents ensuring a smooth career transition onto leave and a sustainable and successful return to practice, and

•     support for our lawyers’ membership in myriad affinity groups.


We are committed to serving a responsible role in the communities where we work and live, participating in and supporting many social, environmental and cultural initiatives through our CW Cares program. CW Cares has given all members of our firm the opportunity to pull an airplane for United Way, pet owls at the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, don ugly holiday sweaters for the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, sport jeans for the BC Children’s Hospital and walk for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

Our team
shining bright
at the MS Walk


Historically Proud

We are extremely proud that the history of our firm dates back more than 106 years.

1909: John Clark and Alexander Wilson, lifelong friends, moved to Vancouver and helped to establish the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of Canada—a primary reserve infantry regiment of the Canadian Army

1911: Clark and Wilson began to practice law and did so for the next several decades

Post-World War II: Clark and his son formed the law firm Clark & Clark

1951: John Maguire joined Clark & Clark, and the firm became Clark & Maguire. Alexander Wilson and his partners practiced under the name Wilson & White. They occupied the adjoining offices next to Clark & Maguire. It was said that the door between the two firms was never closed

1952: The two firms decided to merge as Clark, Wilson, White, Clark and Maguire

Present: The current name of Clark Wilson is said to have been bestowed by a receptionist who was too rushed to use the full name when answering the busy phone lines, so she shortened it to “Clark Wilson & Company”

And the rest is history!



Years of building legal efficiencies


Practices covering all business needs


Combined years of legal experience


Years of building legal efficiencies


Practices covering all business needs


Combined years of legal experience