Located in the heart of the Vancouver’s business district, we are an integral part of BC’s legal and corporate landscape—and we have been for over 100 years. With 85+ lawyers and 140+ support staff, we are proud to provide our clients with proactive, business-minded and practical legal advice.

We view the articling process as an opportunity to find the future leaders of our firm. This is how we approach the hiring process and we have been successful given that many of our lawyers, including senior partners, started their legal careers articling with us.

We provide students with the opportunity to work on major files and transactions, directly interact with clients and gain a well-rounded and comprehensive articling experience on which to base a successful career.

Want to learn more about our firm? Find out here, or join us at one of our open houses for students ahead of the 2021 summer student recruiting period. Summer 2020 open house dates will be posted in the new year. Contact our Professional Development Coordinator Dianne Bishop at dbishop@cwilson.com.


We match each of our students with a principal partner and associate mentor to connect with and from whom the student will learn about the practice of law and the delivery of quality legal services. Students tell us that the associate mentor is a welcome complement to the more formal mentoring offered by the principal partner.

Both levels of mentorship offer invaluable insight about firm culture, legal practice and professional development.  We also encourage our students to seek out informal mentoring opportunities from other members of the firm. Given that we have many long-service employees and lawyers, there is a wealth of knowledge and information from which our students learn.

Training & Resources

We ensure that students are familiar with the lawyers, staff and systems that facilitate their work. Students are provided with subscriptions to WestlawNext, Quicklaw and other online databases, including access to the valuable resources made available by CLEBC. We also regularly present business, legal and strategy seminars for students to attend. Each student has a personal office and is assigned a legal administrative assistant.

Rotations & Feedback

Students rotate through two broad business law practice areas: litigation and solicitor-side legal practice. These rotations are flexible and students are encouraged to seek out work that they are interested in.

At the end of each rotation, we conduct a formal review process to solicit feedback from the lawyers with whom the student worked during each rotation, and the student’s principal presentsthat feedback to the student in a one-on-one meeting. A formal review process such as this is a valuable and constructive manner in which to help our students learn and discuss their work and experiences.


As professionals, students are given the responsibility of managing their own workload, preparing them for their own practice. There is no centralized system for distributing assignments. This is by design—students are encouraged to proactively develop relationships with lawyers to receive work and learning opportunities.

Although summer and articling students record their time, the focus is not on billable hours. Tracking both billable and non-billable hours allows students to get a sense of their efficiency and a more realistic view of the demands of a legal practice.

Compensation & Benefits

Our student compensation package is competitive with downtown Vancouver law firms and includes:

  • $65,000/year ($5,417/month for summer articling students)
  • Third year tuition up to $5,000 and book allowance (for regular articling students)
  • Benefits, including medical/dental plans, extended medical plan and 10 days of paid vacation time during the regular articling period
  • Professional Legal Training Course tuition fees (all salary and benefits are paid while students are at PLTC)
  • Law Society of BC admission fees

Hiring Intentions

We believe in hiring students who will eventually become our partners, and we only hire as many students as we hope to have associate positions available. Typically, this means we hire four summer students each year, with the goal of each of those summer students continuing on as an articling student. Occasionally, we have hired an additional articling student for the regular articling cycle to join our returning summer students.

We have one of the highest hire-back ratios among our big-firm competitors. Furthermore, we are proud of the quality and type of learning experiences that we are able to offer to our students. Our students tell us that they receive more hands-on, direct and experiential learning opportunities than many of their peers.

We will be accepting applications for 2020 summer articles and will be following the Vancouver Bar Association Articling Interview Guidelines. Applications can be submitted through ViDesktop.

For more information on articling careers at Clark Wilson contact Andrea Rayment, Director of Professional Development and Co-Chair of the Student Recruiting Committee at ARayment@cwilson.com

We view our independence as one of our greatest strengths. Non-bureaucratic by nature, we quickly adapt to current market trends and run our firm in a way that best serves our clients who we respect as the visionary enterprises that create and contribute to the local and global market. We believe we have a generally non-hierarchical structure, where everyone is willing to pitch in. It is not unusual to see a senior partner running a courier package down to meet a cut-off time or preparing documents for signature during crunch time.

Our environment is one that demands hard work as well as quality advice and legal products, but we also try to be flexible. Students are encouraged to become involved and take initiative to be part of our community.

On any given Friday evening in our lounge, students, staff and lawyers can be found relaxing over drinks and conversation after a hard week’s work. The setting is fun and informal. Throughout the year, there are also a number of social and charitable events, where everyone has the chance to socialize after work.

Students are also invited to the firm retreat—a fun lawyers-only destination event that promotes team bonding and includes a morning business session that has covered topics, such as intergenerational diversity, innovation in delivery of legal services, branding and has even included a panel of clients delivering a session on service.

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