Everyday Superhero, Kevin MacDonald

Clark Wilson

Kudos to Kevin MacDonald, who was asked to present Pecha Kucha-style at the Allard School of Law and Sauder School of Business UBC alumni event at the Van City Theatre on Tuesday evening.

The topic? Everyday superheroes—which Kevin is considered to be for his outstanding community service. In fact, he was awarded the CBA’s BC Community Service award!

He did an amazing job with the presentation, speaking about his life experiences and how the adversity he faced and the gifts he was given in his life prepared him to give back in the ways that he is able to today.

“Chit-chat” in Japanese, Pecha Kucha is a style of presentation in which the speaker presents exactly 20 slides shown for exactly 20 seconds each. It is a unique and difficult presentation style because the speaker must be prepared to go with the flow, being concise and fast-paced to keep the audience engaged.