David Austin spotlighted in BiV: A conversation on the BC energy industry controversy

Firm News

As an authority on all things energy—whether it is regarding Site C dam, the independent power sector, LNG or BC’s massive energy potential in the Montney formation—David Austin is a go-to expert for journalists covering the BC energy industry.

Business in Vancouver recently interviewed David for his perspective on a range of energy issues, including the Site C dam and the liquids-rich Montney formation that straddles Alberta and BC.

On the potential of the LNG industry in BC, David explains: “Someone has to prove that you can make money by producing LNG in North America and selling it into northern coastal Asian cities. So far, no one has really been able to show that they can do that at the current world price in those markets. That is the prime reason why LNG projects in British Columbia are not going ahead—because the investors haven’t been able to convince themselves that there is a business case for this type of investment in British Columbia.”

On Montney, he comments: “The industrial sector that is receiving the most amount of capital investment – and we’re measuring this in billions of dollars – is the development of the Montney shale fields in northeast British Columbia. But if you took 100 of the top business executives in British Columbia, and asked them whether they knew about this investment, probably 99 out of 100 wouldn’t have a whole lot to say about it because they don’t know about it,” says David.

Check out the full interview to learn more.