Elder Law


Elder law is an umbrella term for practice areas which collectively provide legal services to enhance the lives of people as they age. The current designation of “elder law” not only includes the more wellknown areas of will drafting, powers of attorney, representation agreements, committeeships and estate planning, but it also includes a holistic approach to an aging population’s needs dealing with such issues as mandatory retirement, accommodating aging employees and issues related to business succession.

While the range of issues will grow as our population ages, protection against elder abuse remains a core part of our elder law practice. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with both uncontested and highly contested and complex committeeship applications. Many of our cases have dealt with power of attorney abuse and fraudulent misappropriation of bank accounts and other assets.

If you believe you require legal assistance with an estate dispute and would like to speak with someone about your concerns please contact the Elder Law Group at Clark Wilson LLP.