Motor Vehicle Accident Claims in British Columbia: A Manual for Out-Of-Province Claims Examiners


Revised March 2009

As more people throughout North America choose British Columbia as a place to vacation, conduct business and take up residence, accidents involving motor vehicles insured outside the province become ever more common. Likewise, accidents involving British Columbia residents and motor vehicles insured in British Columbia are a daily occurrence in other jurisdictions. All of these accidents, of course, give rise to claims in British Columbia that must be adjusted or examined by claims departments outside the Province.

This Manual is intended to provide guidance to out-of-province claims examiners who find themselves confronted with a motor vehicle accident (“MVA”) claim in British Columbia. The Manual is by no means a definitive text on such claims; rather, it attempts to highlight some of the considerations that are unique to British Columbia and with which out-of-province claims examiners may not be familiar. It is assumed that the reader has a basic general knowledge of the litigation process in his or her particular jurisdiction.

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