There are often three components to effective legal solutions in the corporate world. Solving the matter at hand, adhering to legislative requirements, and providing flexibility for future growth and plans. With several years of experience in our Corporate Services team, Rachael is able to see the “big picture” on any file she works on and provide service that takes all three components into account.

Rachael works alongside our lawyers to assist clients in many areas of corporate work, including provincial and federal incorporations, extra-provincial registrations and corporate re-organizations. In particular, she has substantial experience assisting with customized and complex drafting for non-profit bylaws and governing documents. Rachael’s approach is to deeply understand a client’s needs to enable her to prepare documents and other materials in an efficient manner that suits the unique nature of each organization.

Rachael’s work also encompasses a number of First Nations clients. On these files, she helps our lawyers ensure that the clients’ corporate structures and organizations are set up in a way that facilitates the future success of their corporate goals. Working in these diverse areas has given Rachael a deeper appreciation for the clients she works with, and she is passionate about providing personalized solutions to ensure the ongoing success of each of them.

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  • Capilano University, Bachelors of Legal Studies (Paralegal), with distinction, 2016.