Tiej Dapp

Manager of Legal Support Services and Other Recruitment

Attracting talented individuals is only the first step in ensuring Clark Wilson provides exceptional client service. Another priority for our people is a positive employee experience and opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Tiej plays a key role in every step of the journey as our Manager of Legal Support Services and Other Recruitment.

Tiej is a constant source of support for Clark Wilson’s legal support professionals. She’s present from the initial phone interview and first day at work to regular performance check-ins and discussions on growth opportunities.

Prior to joining the firm over nine years ago, Tiej held roles where collaborating with others and building relationships were paramount. She has translated her empathetic approach to Clark Wilson and operates with a “my door is always open” philosophy.

Tiej prides herself on her ability to not only fill a vacant role, but to identify a candidate that can contribute to the firm’s culture, and continued evolution and growth. Tiej also recognizes that everybody is unique, so she handles every interaction with active listening and empathy to ensure each individual feels heard and their situation is understood.

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