SFU’s Impact

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SFU’s Impact

SFU is where progressive education, research and community outreach intersect, evidenced by its consistent ranking as one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities. They have supported 80+ social innovation ventures, 400+ start-up ventures, and contributed $1.3-billion to the B.C. economy to date, highlighting their commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our Work Together

We have been providing SFU with legal solutions to a variety of matters important to the university and the specific needs of a higher learning institution. In particular, we have assisted SFU with the licensing and financing of spin-off technology companies, we have defended and protected the ownership of the intellectual property of SFU and its researchers and we have advised on SFU’s real estate holdings.

We’re proud that our legal advice has enhanced SFU’s ability to build on its dynamic culture and help students, entrepreneurs and researchers mobilize their ideas to create positive social and economic change. More information on SFU can be found at SFU.ca.

Photo courtesy of Simon Fraser University