The Adjuster Who Denied Christmas


Every Elf in North Pole-ville
Liked Insurance a lot,
But the Adjuster who worked there
certainly did Not!

Each Elf was insured from tip of the nose
down to the top of their very big toes.

So were the workshops, stables and dorm,
all risk insurance being largely the norm.

Each Christmas he saw many new claims,
from cookies that burned, causing damage from flames
to dents, dings and scratches all over the sleigh,
which Rudolf had to have fixed right away.

One day the Adjuster had just had enough,
so he stood at his window and yelled with a huff;
“I’ve had it to here with claims” he cried,
“everything is hereby

Oh the chaos this caused all round the ville
The sleigh couldn’t fly with dents in the grill.
The workshops stayed closed due to damage sustained
by antlers ill placed during reindeer games.

And the Adjuster stood there with exclusions in hand,

thinking and thinking, “this ain’t what I planned.
They relied on a policy to cover the loss
and keep Christmas running, or all is lost.”

“Maybe, just maybe” the Adjuster said with a sigh
“Insurance is not just something you buy,
Maybe just maybe, once it is bought,
Insurance is there when such help is sought.”

So the sleigh was repaired down at the shop,
extra space was rented so work did not stop.

and Christmas Eve toys all over the world
were delivered by hand to each boy and girl.

… and riding with Santa proud and tall
was the Insurance Adjuster with coverage for all.