Updated BC IPP Supply Map


Further to our April blog post, today, BC Hydro released some updated information regarding the supply of electricity from BC independent power producers (BC IPPs).

Included in the release is the following: 

1. A map of current and future BC IPP projects;

2. A list of current BC IPPs supplying BC Hydro; and

3. A list of IPP projects currently under development in British Columbia,

(each current to October 1, 2011).

This excellent information shows the broad range of the existing BC IPPs facilities and the significant number of projects still in development in the Province.

According to the BC Hydro information, 70 BC IPPs (non-BC Hydro) are currently operating and supplying BC Hydro with 12,599 GWh of annual supply and 3,209 MW of capacity, from a wide variety of power facilities. The first BC IPP listed is from 1985 – Coats IPP, a small run-of-river hydro project on Gabriola Island.

Projects under development by BC IPPs in the Province (each with a power purchase agreement from BC Hydro) comprise of 7,697 GWh of annual supply and 2,132 MW of capacity. The 39 development projects are derived from the 2003 Green Power Generation Call (1), the 2006 Open Power Call (13), the 2008 Bioenergy Call (1), the 2008 Standing Offer Program (2) and the 2008 Clean Power Call (22).