Upcoming ACFI Conference – Wei v. Mei: Practical Tips for Foreign Judgment Enforcement in Canada

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Association of Certified Fraud Investigators of Canada's 24th Annual Fraud Conference featuring Clark Wilson Lawyer Lauren Liang

Join Clark Wilson partner Lauren Liang as she presents at the Association of Certified Fraud Investigators of Canada‘s 24th Annual Fraud Conference taking place on Monday, October 3rd through Wednesday, October 5th.

Through globalization, the world has become both more interconnected and far more complex particularly as it comes to the mobility of fraudsters and their assets.

Using the recent landmark case Wei v. Mei, Lauren’s session will explore key topics such as limitation periods and the choice of venue to pursue enforcement of a foreign judgment in Canada, the use of summary trial in the enforcement of foreign judgment cases, the admissibility of foreign court documents to Canadian courts, the issue of natural justice in foreign proceedings, and the defence of potential criminal rate of interest in foreign judgments.

This virtual national conference will be of interest to forensic accountants, investigators, law enforcement officers, and lawyers who want to stay current with the best practices in the evolving field of forensic investigation.