BC Updates Crowdfunding Rules


The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) on September 21, 2017 announced improvements to crowdfunding rules that will enable B.C.-based issuers to access investors in Alberta when conducting crowdfunding campaigns. The amendments also permit an increased investment, for some investors, of up to $5,000.

“With these amendments, B.C. is harmonizing the crowdfunding regime and providing start-up and early stage issuers with access to more potential investors and more investment dollars,” said Peter Brady, Executive Director of the BCSC.

The new amendments take steps to allow an interface between the B.C. and Alberta crowdfunding rules. The new amendments also raise the investment limit from $1,500 to $5,000, if the investor has obtained advice from a registered dealer that the investment is suitable for them.

Information on BCI 45-535, including guidance tailored for funding portals, issuers and investors, can be found on the BCSC’s Start-up Crowdfunding webpage