Form G – Certificate of Lien: Checklist of What Charges to Include


Strata Property Act, SBC 1998, c. 43, s. 116

Determine claims pursuant to s. 116(1) of the Strata Property Act which may be included in the lien amount. This amount may include:

  1. arrears of strata fees;
  2. arrears of special levy(ies);
  3. interest on arrears of strata fees if charged pursuant to a Bylaw and in accordance with the Act; or
  4. costs of work done to a strata lot pursuant to a Work Order issued by a governmental authority.

This amount may not include:

  1. late fines;
  2. bylaw fines and violations;
  3. NSF charges;
  4. administrative charges; or
  5. chargebacks for insurance deductibles or third party chargebacks.

NOTE: Any balance forward from a previous property management company or accounting program must be explained and reviewed to determine if amounts included in the balance forward are claimable under the lien.