COVID-19 and Increased Support for Older Canadians


As the world continues to respond to COVID-19, it appears clear that individuals over 65 and those in long-term care facilities are especially vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. To assist older Canadians in coping with the economic and social consequences of COVID-19, however, the federal government recently announced a $9 million contribution to United Way Canada.

The increased funding to the United Way is intended to provide greater support to older Canadians. Although this may include practical services such as delivery of groceries and medication, allowing seniors to maintain physical distancing while still accessing necessary items, it may also include personal outreach. This likely means that initiatives intended to provide social support and personal connection to older adults will also see increased funding.

At Clark Wilson LLP, we have been long-time supporters of the United Way as an expression of two of our core values: caring and teamwork. As Canadians come together to address the crisis of COVID-19, we are pleased to see that the federal government is paying particular attention to the needs of older adults.

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