David Ford Interviewed by Canadian Family Offices

Firm News
Clark Wilson Family Office partner David Ford, FEA was interviewed and quotes in Canadian Family Offices' new article "The Seven Do's and Don'ts of M&A Deals"

Clark Wilson Family Office partner David Ford, FEA was interviewed by Canadian Family Offices for the article, “Seven dos and don’ts in M&A deals“. Canadian Family Offices is a thought leader in topics of interest to ultra-high-net-worth Canadians. Combining the journalism of the National Post and expert insight and practical information from service providers to ultra-high-net-worth clients, Canadian Family Offices aims to educate and empower readers while demystifying the family office industry and exploring how this sector manages and grows clients’ wealth.

Between 70 and 90 per cent of acquisitions fail, according to Harvard Business School. But it makes sense when you consider all the nuances and complexities that go into each and every M&A deal. In this piece, David comments on the importance of having a comprehensive letter of intent or term sheet, how to account for cultural integration, and detailed plans for earnouts.

Read the “Seven dos and don’ts in M&A deals” article in full HERE.