Is it too hard to pick an executor?


Choosing an executor can be a difficult decision. The job of an executor is challenging and time-consuming, and you may not wish to burden a loved one with this task.

But, someone has to do it. Without a will, an administrator is appointed by the court to perform the duties of an executor. The process of selecting an administrator can be arduous. If family or close friends are is not willing or able to take on the role, then the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia will consider the appointment.

If you have a will that was drafted a long time ago, you will need to check that your executor and your alternate executor are still able and willing to act. If you selected your peers, then they may be infirm or no longer capable. If that is the situation on your passing, after the next of kin is canvassed to act as the administrator of your estate, the beneficiaries named in your will are asked to consider taking on the role.

In either event, there is more paperwork and legal fees necessary to appoint an administrator. Whereas the executor can access information and perform tasks immediately after your passing, an administrator must wait until the court appoints them. This creates significant delays in the administration of your estate and increased expenses to be borne by your beneficiaries.

A thoughtfully chosen executor will be the best gift you can leave your loved ones.


BC’s Make-a-Will Week is April 9-15, 2017. MAWW is a Ministry of Justice campaign that brings awareness to the importance of creating and maintaining an up-to-date will, which ensures that the people, charities and organizations you care about most receive the benefit of your estate.

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