Our Charitable Giving Committee Collects Toys and More for “Cause We Care”

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Over the past few weeks, our Community Involvement and Charitable Giving Committee have been working hard to pick up toys, games, craft supplies, books etc., donated by Clark Wilson’s parents and children. Our firm is proud to partner with a local foundation called Cause We Care, to help support those in our community who need it most. This week, DLO Move Support Services generously offered to help deliver the goods to the following organizations selected by Cause We Care.

North Shore Women’s Centre

The North Shore Women’s Centre is dedicated to improving the social, economic, legal and political status of women, and encourages and supports self-empowerment by acting as a resource and a catalyst for change, from feminist perspectives. They aim to provide women with access to resources and assist them with life choices, actively address violence against women at all levels of the community, challenge sexism and discrimination in the community, and work towards the elimination of the feminization of poverty.

Sage House & Hope’s Place

The Sage Transition House is an 18-bed transition house that provides safety and support to women and their children fleeing abusive situations. Shelter, food, clothing, personal items, referrals, advocacy, individual support and support groups are offered for up to thirty days.

HOPE’s Place program provides accommodation and ongoing support for up to fifteen months for women and their children who have left an abusive situation and have been referred by SAGE Transition House, another transition house or a community agency.  The program is designed to provide transitional support for women and their children so they are able to successfully transition to independent lives free of abuse and violence.

Vancouver Rape Relief Shelter

The Vancouver Rape Relief Shelter provides support to women seeking an escape from male violence. They provide assistance to women who are currently being prostituted, women who are trying to escape prostitution, and women who have been trafficked into prostitution. They provide immediate safety, and a place to group, analyze strategize and fight back against male violence. In addition to their frontline work, they put a substantial effort into public education as a means for social change. Their services are available to all women who have experienced male violence including wife battering, incest, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and prostitution.

About Cause We Care:

Cause We Care Foundation is a Vancouver-based foundation that raises funds for initiatives that support development and growth, and offer relief for single mothers and children in our community.

A big thank you to everyone who donated, and for giving back to those who need it most.