Tadhg Bradford

2023 Summer Student
UBC Allard School of Law

My summer at Clark Wilson has been an incredibly enriching and fulfilling experience. The level of support and mentorship I have received from the lawyers, fellow students, paralegals, and legal assistants has been outstanding. They have taken the time to guide me, provide valuable insights, and equip me with the tools necessary for success in my career. The wide range of tasks I have been exposed to, including drafting legal applications, writing research memos, and appearing before the Court of Appeal, has given me a deeper understanding of professional practice and solidified my passion for it. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I have gained during this summer will serve as a strong foundation for my future legal career. I am immensely grateful for the exceptional support and mentorship I have received at Clark Wilson, and I am excited to continue my journey with the firm.

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