The Emotional Aspects of Elder Care


As lawyers who practice in elder law and in estate & trust litigation, we often see clients whose aging parents or family members require assistance.  For many, the assistance is necessary because the loved one has dementia.  Our primary role is provide the client with information about the legal steps that will help them care for their loved one.  For example, we often bring applications to Court for the appointment of a Committee.

However, in addition to their legal needs, clients also need to know about what to expect from their loved one as dementia progresses.  The loved one’s doctors and other health care professionals can provide guidance, of course, but another excellent source of information is the three part series of articles published on the Diamond Geriatrics website addressing dementia. 

The first article talks about what to expect in terms of limitations the loved one will likely encounter, and which abilities will be lost or limited.  The second article addresses changes in the relationships the loved one has.  The third article discusses how the person caring for the person with dementia may be affected emotionally.

From my perspective assisting clients caring for loved ones with dementia, and as someone whose Grandmother has dementia, these articles address many of the issues that I see arising.  If you are caring for a loved one, I encourage you to read these articles and others to better understand the dynamics arising from caring for loved ones with dementia.