User Fees


User Fees

At the last council meeting, the council passed a rule requiring anyone who books the common room for a private event to pay a fee of $100. Is the rule enforceable?

Although section 110 of the Strata Property Act and Strata Property Regulation 6.9 permit a strata corporation to adopt a rule to impose a user fee with respect to common property or a common asset, the rule and the fee are not enforceable until the rule has been ratified by the owners at the next annual general meeting after the rule was adopted by the council.

Our strata corporation has a guest suite and we want to institute a fee for its use. May we state the fee in the minutes of council meetings and change it from time to time?

The amount of a fee for the use of common property must be stated in a bylaw or a rule.

May a strata corporation charge a user fee for the use of an amenity?

Yes, if the user fee is reasonable and if it is set out in a bylaw or a rule.

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