WESA – Wills , Estates and Succession Act, B.C.


When will the new Wills and Estates legislation actually  be operative in British Columbia? Many readers of this and other  estate related blogs know that there will be substantial changes to the entire Wills and Estates regime in British Columbia known as “WESA”- short form for the Wills , Estates and Succession Act.

The proposed changes have been in the works for years and have passed all of the essential  necessary legislative hurdles. However  notwithstanding various predictions that the legislation will be operative in short order, we still are awaiting same. Better that all the details are worked out in advance. So when might the date be? A source very close to the legislative drafters has advised me that he expects that the new legislation might not come into play until the Fall of  2013.  More information on the changes that will be coming our way can be found in Richard Weiland’s blog of March 20th, 2012.