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Your Estate Matters

May 14, 2016

Estop and Think Before Relying on Future Estate Interests

Proprietary estoppel is a legal doctrine that protects parties who detrimentally rely …


October 8.15

Changes to Strata Property Act pave the way for strata redevelopment

This is very big news. And very good news. Today the provincial government issued …

Canadian Trademark

May 23.16

Supershuttle Loses Rebuttal – Canadian Registration Scuttled

In a recent Federal Court of Canada decision, 2015 FC 1259, the FC dismissed an appeal by …

CW Securities Law

May 16, 2016

Do The New Registration Thresholds in the U.S. Really Help? New Rule 12g-1

The JOBS Act, which became law in 2012, was intended …