Clark Wilson’s Scott Lamb Invited to Give Expert Submission to the Federal Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Technology

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Our Privacy Group Chair, Scott Lamb, was invited to give an expert submission at the hearings of the Federal Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Technology in Ottawa recently.

The committee was continuing its considerations of Bill C-27 for the reform of privacy law and the introduction of new legislation to deal with artificial intelligence and had called upon experts in privacy law to provide their analysis and feedback on the Bill.

What is Bill C-27?

The federal government introduced Bill C-27 in June 2022. It proposes extensive reforms to overhaul Canada’s private-sector privacy law and to introduce important new legislation to regulate the design, development and use of artificial intelligence in Canada. The Bill has passed a second reading in the House of Commons and is now being considered by the Standing Committee on Industry and Technology.

What Did Scott Discuss?

Scott reviewed Bill C-27 in the context of the proposed Consumer Privacy Protection Act, specifically covering the proposed new legitimate interest exception to the requirements for consent to collect, use and disclose personal information, along with new provisions dealing with the anonymization and de-identification of personal information. He also made submissions on important aspects of the new legislation on artificial intelligence, the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act. You can watch Scott’s presentation here (Scott’s segment is from 15:49:20 to 15:59:50).

After giving his submission in person, Scott was also invited to provide a written submission, which he co-authored with Privacy Group partner, Jeff Holowaychuk.

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