WEBCAST | Complex Employment Issues as Businesses Re-Open After COVID-19 Isolation


As businesses begin to re-open, Andrea Raso, Chair of our Employment & Labour Group, answers pressing questions about the confines of personal boundaries vs. the health and safety of the overall workplace. Topics covered include:

  1. Can employers enact mandatory health procedures amongst employees? (ie. temperature checks, compulsory face masks and gloves etc.)
  2. If an employee has underlying health conditions or feels uncomfortable returning to work, are they obligated? Could this be grounds to terminate the employee if they refuse?
  3. Will employees be required to disclose if they or someone they live with, are showing symptoms of the virus?
  4. If an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, are employers required to notify other staff members?
  5. As employees are asked to take precautionary measures to stay home if they feel slightly symptomatic, are they required to use sick days/vacation days or should the employer be responsible for coverage?

 Click here for the video webcast.