Council Members


Council Members

May a strata corporation prevent an owner from standing for council if the strata lot is in arrears of strata fees?

Yes, but the strata corporation must have a bylaw that states that no person may stand for council with respect to a strata lot if the strata corporation is entitled to register a lien against that strata lot. In that case, the owner may not stand for council.

May an owner who is a realtor stand for strata council?

Pursuant to the Strata Property Act, an owner may stand for council and being a realtor does not preclude an owner from standing for council.

Our strata corporation wants to pay one of the council members for some work the council member did on behalf of the strata corporation. May we do that?

Any remuneration paid to a council member in the exercise of council’s powers or duties must be approved in advance of the payment. The approval could be in the budget or in the bylaws or by a resolution passed by a 3/4 vote at a general meeting.

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