Respect of our clients and of their business philosophy is the foundation upon which Lucya builds her practice. This respect extends to her work in Strata Property as she addresses the unique needs and challenges faced by condominium owners, residents and boards.

As our Strata Property group represents 4000+ strata corporations, Lucya has helped identify and address a myriad of issues affecting our clients. Being attentive and listening to their needs allows her to provide cost-effective solutions to legal issues of all sizes and complexities.

Reviewing and drafting bylaws and resolutions Assisting strata corporations with bylaw enforcement proceedings levying fines, council hearings, evictions of owners and tenants
Attending at annual and special general meetings Assisting strata corporations in collection matters, including lien enforcement applications and forced sales of condominiums
Prosecuting and defending human rights complaints Plans of arrangement under BCA/CBCA
Bankruptcy, insolvency and collection Commercial lease and real estate disputes
Debt enforcement Foreclosures
Foreign judgment enforcement Partnership disputes
Breach of contract

Even in a highly litigious environment, Lucya appreciates that a strong settlement out-of-court can benefit a client effectively and allow them to focus on the operations and successes of their businesses. She also works tenaciously to achieve justice on behalf of our clients in a courtroom and endeavor into extensive litigation when necessary.

Practical outcomes and efficient legal advice; these are the focal points of Lucya’s practice.

When meeting our clients for the first time, Lucya’s focus is to understand the client’s best outcome to begin crafting her approach and strategy in a way that reflects the client’s philosophy while protecting and furthering their interest.

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Education & Call to Bar
  • Calls to Bar: Quebec, 2006; British Columbia, 2013
  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), University of Ottawa, 2005
  • Licentiate in Law (LL.L.), University of Ottawa 2004
  • French