The Land Owner Transparency Registry is Now Public


Starting today, April 30, 2021, the Land Owner Transparency Registry (“LOTR”) is searchable by the public on myLTSA. In a previous article, we discussed what LOTR is and who is subject to the disclosure requirements of the Land Owner Transparency Act (the “Act”). We also previously provided a more detailed overview of the Land Owner Transparency Regulation.

To search LOTR, you must have a myLTSA account. Upon sign in, users can find an option on the main page to “go to LOTR” where they will be able to file or search LOTR. You can search by individual, corporation or parcel identifier (PID)[1]. Only individuals listed in a transparency report as a reporting body, an interest holder or a settlor are searchable in LOTR. Pursuant to the Act, the public will not be able to search information about individuals who:

  • are under 19 years of age;
  • are deemed incapable of managing their financial affairs;
  • have been approved, by way of application, to have their information omitted from LOTR; and
  • are registered in LOTR for 90 days or less.

More information on LOTR filings and requirements can be found at the LOTR website.

By way of example, to search by name, use the “Last Name, First Name” format. The results will populate, keeping some information restricted until you purchase a copy of the filing. The fee to purchase a LOTR search is $5.00.

Although LOTR is now searchable, not all entities and properties subject to the Act’s disclosure obligations may be listed at this time. Landowners have until November 30, 2021 to submit the appropriate transparency declarations and transparency reports to LOTR.

For more information on LOTR, or assistance in filing transparency declarations and reports, please contact our Commercial Real Estate Group.

[1] To find a property’s PID, you can search by civic address on BC Assessment’s website.