Webinar | The Essentials: Builders Liens in BC, October 28, 2021


Members of our Infrastructure, Construction & Procurement groupSatinder SidhuScott Lamb and Rosalie Clark, presented a webinar yesterday explaining how a solid understanding of BC’s builders’ lien legislation is critical for any construction professional in BC. They took the attendees through the following essential aspects of the legislation as well as answered many lien questions. Their objective was to build on the attendees’ understanding of the workings of a lien claim in the event that payment issues arise on their project.

  1. Time Limits for Filing a Lien: Certification, completion, abandonment and termination explained
  2. Lienable Lands: What does in relation to an improvement mean?
  3. Quantum of Liens: What constitutes the price of the work?
  4. Discharge of Liens: How to prepare for timely discharge?
  5. The Holdback and Liens Against the Holdback: What will come of the Shimco Lien?
  6. Priorities Between Lien Claimants and other Creditors: Considerations upon insolvency
  7. Reforms: Prompt payment and interim adjudication