Webinar: The Pandemic, Peeping Toms and Poisonous Workplaces: Current Issues in Employment and Labour Law


The workplace is an essential part of everyone’s livelihood. Ensuring that where we work is fair and productive is essential to our collective success. In recognition of this need, we combine the tenacity and pragmatism of a boutique with the efficiency and knowledge of a large firm to help our clients create and lead healthy workplaces.

In this webinar, our Labour & Employment Group, which includes Andrea Raso, Anne Amos-Stewart, Catherine Repel and Debbie Preston, explored the key challenges facing today’s innovative businesses and their unique work environments and provided in-depth insights and practical guidance on:

  1. COVID-19 Pandemic: A Retrospective and Prospective Look at Employment Issues
    • What can employers do better if there is a next wave?
    • What changes to employment law did you miss during lock down?
  2. Technology and Surveillance
    • What are the limitations for employers in monitoring productivity and technology use?
    • What are the limitations for the employees, i.e. recording meetings with management?
  3. Avoiding “Toxic” Workplaces
    • With “toxic” workplaces being front and centre in the media, what are best practices to avoid this