Cameron Fox Interviewed by CBC


Clark Wilson Business Litigation and Insurance associate Cameron Fox was interviewed by CBC Radio’s Daybreak South with Chris Walker about the rise of municipal code of conduct bylaws in British Columbia.

In 2021, municipal councils across the province were mandated to consider implementing a code of conduct when a new council was formed, and since then, communities have adopted a set of rules and principles that elected officials are duty-bound to abide by. Penticton introduced its new code of conduct bylaw last week, which includes formal investigations of complaints, as well as potential fines for councillors who are found to violate the bylaw.

In this segment, Cameron explores the benefits of introducing codes of conduct, while also examining the unique challenges and considerations of enforcing such policies in political entities.

Listen to Cameron’s interview with CBC’s Daybreak South With Chris Walker on February 23, 2024, HERE. This segment starts at the 1 hour and 49 minute mark.

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