Express Entry – Changes to the number of points for a job offer


On 19th November 2016 IRCC (immigration, refugees and Citizenship Canada) will make the following changes to the Express Entry program:

  • The award of 600 points for a job offer will be reduced to:
    • 200 points for jobs in NOC 00 occupations
    • 50 points for jobs in NOC 0, A & B occupations
  • Points will be awarded for job offers of eligible candidates with LMIA exempt work permits (GATS intra-Company Transferees, NAFTA professionals, Mobilite Francophone providing they have at least one year of work experience with the employer making the job offer)

As with all changes it is prudent to see what affect they have in practice but at Clark Wilson we hope the lifting of visa restrictions will improve the options for Canadian employers to obtain the in demand skills and experience needed for competitiveness and growth and that the changes to Express Entry will enhance employers ability to retain high skill international employees.

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