Legal matters affecting loved ones and a family’s financial security are not easy. These cases can be emotional and stressful for the parties involved, which is why our clients receive support from us which blends legal experience and compassion to help them navigate through this difficult process.

Our team has a strong reputation, built on hundreds of satisfied clients and exceptional results. Our reputation is why we are recognized by Canada’s leading legal publications as leaders in family law, family mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

  • Contested and uncontested family law and divorce cases involving:
    • Division of property including business interests;
    • Allocation of and responsibility for debt;
    • Child and spousal support; and
    • Parenting rights and obligations
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements

In complex separation cases, our priority is to find a fair settlement for our clients. To achieve this goal, we provide options for resolution through negotiation, mediation and collaborative law. Though we strive to reach a negotiated outcome, our lawyers are prepared to litigate a determination of the issues when it’s the necessary option. In these circumstances, our clients rely on our vast experience and expertise to advocate for their rights in a courtroom.

Our lawyers know, above all else, that family law is about our clients’ lives. That means we are entrusted with protecting what matters most to them. We are proud that our experience and expertise ensures our clients can move forward with certainty and security.

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