WATCH – Risky Business:
A Crash Course for BC Employers on Terminations, Damages & Prohibited Actions


On May 30th, 2024, our Employment & Labour group hosted their annual spring seminar, “Risky Business: A Crash Course for BC Employers on Terminations, Damages & Prohibited Actions” for business owners and HR professionals from across the province at The Vancouver Club.

Speakers included Andrea Raso (moderator, partner and chair of our Employment & Labour group), Catherine Repel (Employment & Labour partner), and Debbie Preston (Employment & Labour associate).

In this seminar, they explored how to terminate personnel without written agreements or for just cause, examining trends on increasing awards for notice and human rights damages, as well as prohibited actions and how to ensure your teams are not engaging in such activities under the Workers Compensation Act.

What We Covered —

  • Risky Terminations: how to terminate employment if there is no written agreement or enforceable termination provision, terminations for cause, and best practices around managing these types of terminations
  • Damages: an overview of the recent trend in increases to damage awards for employment cases in the courts and human rights complaints, including what to be aware of and how to mitigate risk
  • Prohibited Actions: previously known as discriminatory actions, we will explore what constitutes a prohibited action under the Workers Compensation Act, why these types of claims are becoming increasingly common, and information on best practices
  • Q&A session: participants posed their own queries to our panel of Employment & Labour lawyers

Watch the recorded seminar and download a copy of the presentation slides below.

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