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Data Breaches:
What you Need to Know


On September 21, 2023, our Privacy group hosted a webinar which covered “Data Breaches: What you Need to Know”. In it, they discussed data breaches which are on the rise and so are the legal obligations of organizations to manage and report data breaches. In this webinar, they explored the legal requirements for responses to data breaches and the practical steps needed to be taken in the lifecycle of a data breach for an organization.

With respect to the review of legal obligations of organizations in data breaches, our speakers included Scott Lamb and Jeff Holowaychuk from Clark Wilson LLP. With respect to the practical steps that an organization needs to undertake in a data breach our speaker was Mark Rowan, CEO of Data Sentinel Inc.

Watch the free webinar and see the PowerPoint slides below. If you have questions on any Privacy issues, please contact Scott Lamb at slamb@cwilson.com.

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