Clark Wilson | Webinar: Navigating New Employee Entitlements: A Crash Course for Employers


On June 9, 2022, members of our Employment & Labour group, Andrea Raso, Catherine Repel and Debbie Preston, hosted a fast-paced, informative and interactive breakfast session on what BC employers need to know in 2022. Please see the recording of the audio, as well as the PowerPoints, below.

Workplaces across the province are transforming as British Columbians re-evaluate where, when, how, and why they work.

Employment and labour laws are similarly evolving. Recent significant changes to legislation and judge-made law are providing  new entitlements and protections for employees, such as:

  • Additional time off
  • New unionization rules
  • Increasing scrutiny of employment contracts

So what do these new obligations mean for employers, and how can they protect their businesses?

Session topics included:

  • Employment contracts: how ambiguity may favour employees in court
  • Overview of recent changes to workplace laws in BC
  • Ontario’s “right to disconnect”: what this could mean for BC