Webinar | The Modernization of Canadian Privacy Law – May 5, 2021

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Where Are We Heading?

Did you know that Canadian companies have more control over how they handle their personal information? Individuals and organizations, both large and small, are increasingly faced with challenging issues in the area of privacy and information handling. Bill C-11, the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020, seeks to modernize Canadian privacy legislation through the introduction of the Consumer Privacy Protection Act (“CPPA”).

Join Scott Lamb and Jeff Holowaychuk (Clark Wilson, British Columbia), and Marc Yu and Richard Stobbe (Field Law, Alberta) as they discuss the proposed changes to the federal privacy legislation and what organizations and businesses can do to adapt. This complimentary interprovincial webinar will cover:

  • How does the CPPA compare with the existing Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act?
  • What new privacy “rights” have been granted to individuals, and what does this mean for organizations?
  • How will the CPPA affect organizations employing emerging technologies such as automated decision-making?
  • What new regulatory powers will be used to enforce the CPPA, and what are the risks of non-compliance?
  • What is the status of reform of provincial privacy legislation in British Columbia and Alberta?