Mining is a global industry, and Vancouver is one of the world’s primary centres for mining company headquarters. Despite the ever-expanding demand for natural resources, tightened environmental regulations and increasing market volatility place new strains on mining companies. In this landscape, having counsel focused on future growth, operational efficiencies and cost optimization are indispensable. Our lawyers understand the global mining industry and are prepared to help clients avoid the hazards that abound in this complex area that acts as an apex for legal, governmental, environmental and business considerations.

We advise on all aspects of work in the mining and resources sector.

  • Grassroots property acquisitions and dispositions
  • Property option agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Financing, including by the issuance of flow-through shares
  • Consultation with First Nations
  • Offtake and product sales agreements
  • Earn-in agreements and royalty agreements
  • Regulatory compliance, including compliance with National Instrument 43-101
  • Due diligence in connection with any property, financing or M&A transaction
  • Land and mineral title opinions
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Corporate governance advice

Along with responsiveness and creativity, we have industry insight that strengthens our ability to anticipate issues and capitalize on opportunities for our clients. Understanding the twists and turns of the sector and the technical side of the business, we leverage and connect key people, assets, market trends and commodity fundamentals to achieve our clients’ broader business goals.

While the long-term economic outlook for Canada’s mining industry is generally positive and opportunities are expected to grow for mining companies, they must be strategic in their actions. We provide that strategy, helping our clients succeed in today’s mining market.

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Quebec Introduces Minimum Mining Taxes

On May 6, 2013, the Government of Quebec unveiled its new mining tax regime. Starting in 2013, all mining operations will be required to pay a royalty or a tax on profits, whichever is greater under Quebec’s new mining tax regime.

From now on, all mine operators active in Québec will have to pay a minimum royalty to the Government applied to the value of the ore extracted at the mine shaft head. To take the situation of smaller operations into account and make it easier to start a mining project, the royalty rate will be set at 1% for the first $80 million of ore extracted. For the excess, the rate will be 4% of the value of ore extracted. This royalty does not consider whether the operation is profitable. Also, this royalty tax does not permit deductions for other royalties that may also be payable on the same ore extracted.

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